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parkermace supports curious founders and investors to reach their vision.

We’re with you in the arena.

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"The Arena" distinguishes those who dare greatly from those who avoid the challenge. parkermace knows the fight. It can be difficult. Long. Lonely. And absolutely worth it.

Success is neither an assured outcome nor a random occurrence, but rather a series of continuous actions and incremental improvements, that when collectively put together, surpass what was once considered impossible.

We join leaders in the arena and serve with experience, enthusiasm, and grit. As we've been there before, we challenge inertia, leverage data-driven approaches, and co-create the future through our relationships with leading investors, partnerships, and accomplished individuals.

We work alongside leading investors.

We’ve also been fortunate to collaborate with remarkable leaders.

Over the years, we’ve also been fortunate to collaborate with remarkable leaders and all around good humans.

Alexandra Wilkis Wilson

Managing Partner, Clerisy
Co-Founder, Gilt Groupe
Co-Founder, Glamsquad

Bettina Warburg

Managing Partner, Warburg Serres
Founding Partner, Animal Ventures
Speaker, TED Global Summit

Hamet Watt

Founder and CEO, Share Ventures
Board Partner, Upfront Ventures
Senior Advisor, BCG

Jack Ezon

Founder, Embark Beyond
Advisor, Ritz-Carlton
Advisor, Accor

Kahlil Byrd

CEO, Invest America
Member, Council on Foreign Relations
Fmr. CEO, Americans Elect

Neil Sahota

Subject Expert, United Nations
Author, “Own the AI Revolution”
Fmr. Lead, IBM Watson Group

Ninan Chacko

Senior Advisor, McKinsey & Company
Fmr. CEO, Travel Leaders Group
Fmr. CEO, PR Newswire

Patrick McGinnis

Creator, the term “FOMO”
Author, “The 10% Entrepreneur”
Founder, Dirigo Advisors

Scott Howard

Head of Operations, Share Ventures
Fmr. Head of Acceleration, Mars
Fmr. Incubator Director, Chobani

Simon Allen

CEO, McGraw-Hill
Fmr. CEO, Macmillan Education
Fmr. President, The Publishers Association

Stephen Sadove

Chairman, Aramark
Chairman Emeritus, NRF
Fmr. CEO, Saks Fifth Avenue

Tom Serres

Managing Partner, Warburg Serres
Founding Partner, Animal Ventures
Fmr. Corporate Innovation Lead, BCG